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John Lennon’s Toilet Sells for Over $15,000 at Auction

Unorthodox Beatles memorabilia has gone on the auction block for years. For instance, a wooden sculpture of a cupboard designed by John Lennon pulled down £28,200 (over $43,000 US) back in 2003. But the Fab Four memorabilia market really went to new extremes on Saturday when a fan flushed down a cool $15,500 for a toilet belonging to the late, great Lennon.

According to Jam! Showbiz, the commode had once been a part of Lennon’s Tittenhurst Park estate in Berkshire, England, which he bought in 1969. In 1972, the unique toilet, which had blue flowers painted on it, was given to a contractor by the musician during a renovation. Lennon purportedly told the contractor to “put some flowers in it.”

“The toilet might be worth something and it might not, but it is certainly one of the more unusual items we’ve sold,” auction organizer Steven Bailey told the Daily Telegraph in advance of its sale. Although it only expected to bring in $1,600, a bidding frenzy elevated the price to 10 times that amount when it ultimately went to a private overseas buyer.

Lennon’s porcelain hopper was among 303 lots auctioned off over the weekend at the 33rd annual Beatle Week Festival in Liverpool.