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Brendan Benson: ‘Raconteurs will return after The Greenhornes reunion’

The Raconteurs are likely to make more records together, according to co-frontman Brendan Benson, but only after the rhythm section’s cult band The Greenhornes reform.

Speaking in an interview, the singer explained that all the members of The Raconteurs were keen to do more, but they were excited that drummer Patrick Keeler and bassist ‘Little’ Jack Lawrence were reforming their first group, who went on hiatus as The Raconteurs formed.

The Greenhornes, completed by frontman Craig Fox, formed in 1996 in Cincinnati. Their music – and particularly their collaboration with Holly Golightly, ‘There Is An End’ – featured prominently in Jim Jarmusch’s 2005 movie Broken Flowers.

“We’re all busy,” explained Benson. “Patrick and LJ are starting The Greenhornes again, putting that back together and I think they’re touring, which is great news because that’s been a long time coming.

“They had a record that they sat on forever during The Raconteurs, so that’s finally coming out and, of course, Jack [White] has The Dead Weather and all that.”

However, the singer suggested there will be more to come from The Raconteurs.

“We haven’t talked about it, but [doing more]’s not out of the question. The Raconteurs is a band that was founded on this impulsive basis,” he explained. “It was always spontaneous for us and we want to keep it that way. So when the time is right and everyone converges we’ll do it.”