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Best Coast- Crazy for You (Album Review)

The simplicity that Best Coast have cultivated on a handful of ’60s-inspired, surfside fuzz-pop EPs and singles over the past year or so has created an easy opening for the band to deliver on the blog cred they’ve racked up in the same time frame. And they’ve nailed it.

Crazy for You, a more slickly produced version of what we’ve already heard, seems an effortless collection of songs built on throwback pop sensibilities and uncomplicated melodies as powerful and golden as the California rays whence they came. The debut full-length’s straightforward sound is mirrored by an overarching sentiment: for someone whose world revolves around her next Bud Light and the whims of a cat named Snacks, frontwoman Bethany Cosentino is consistently lovesick.

Debilitating infatuation, manic longing, neediness — all the stuff we’re obliged to stow away lest we become real-life versions of Ginnifer Goodwin’s character from He’s Just Not That into You — are as constant in her lyrics as the reverb in her riffs. The good news is, this album is going to garner a dozen swoons in her direction for each romantic woe she professes on it.