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Beck Releasing New Album, Collaborates With Stephen Malkmus

Beck fans can expect new music soon, possibly in the next few weeks, according to a new interview with Pitchfork. While promoting his involvement on the soundtrack to ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World,’ the prolific artist revealed he has a completed album, recorded back in the fall of 2008, which is nearly ready for release.

“There’s not anything stopping it,” Beck — who has been without a record deal for two years by choice — said of his ability to put out new music via his website. “I think there’ll be something coming out by the end of summer, even if it’s just a song or two. Maybe it’s a good idea to just get it out there.”

“It’s the kind of thing where I turn around and two years have gone by and it starts to get less relevant to what’s happening at large,” the musical chameleon said of the proper follow-up to ‘Modern Guilt.’ “At this point, five other bands may have done something that felt really exciting and new two years ago. Like, the title of the record was going to be ‘Rococo’ and now Arcade Fire have a song called ‘Rococo’ … I’m going to try and finish them this summer. It’s just a matter of the songs being good enough and not embarrassing.”

Beck also revealed that he helped Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus with his next disc. “Within the first two days we had 90 percent of the album recorded,” hes aid. “We just put it down live. I just talked to Steve, actually. We’re going to finish it up when he’s done touring.”