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Battles Is Still Battles… Tyondai Braxton’s Statement…

Tyondai Braxton, via Warp:

“At this time, Battles and I have decided to amicably part ways. Suffice to say I am leaving a group that is responsible for some of the most defining experiences in my life.

Aside from making great music for 8 years together John, Ian, Dave and I have been family. We have experienced together what it’s like to start a band and have it blossom into something beyond our wildest dreams and I’m incredibly proud of all we have accomplished.

I know for a fact that this is just a new beginning for Battles. Our model has always had a controlled shapelessness to it and I know John, Ian and Dave are looking forward sculpting an even better way forward.
I look forward to be able to continue my music and am very excited at the prospect of being able to dig deeper in my own work.

To the fans let me say that I cannot begin to express my thanks and love to you all for your support and enthusiasm. All that Battles and I can do to honor that is continue to create art that we love with a passion and depth worthy of your inspection.”

“Battles and Tyondai would like to let their fans know they have chosen to follow their own musical paths.

Due to Battles’ ambitions of finishing their second studio album followed by commitments to a full touring schedule in 2011, and Tyondai’s own commitments as a solo artist and his desire not to tour, both Battles and Tyondai have decided to move on without each other.

It is a sad but amicable split.

Battles wishes Tyondai all the best”