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Wolf Parade- Expo 86 (Album Review)

Wolf Parade fans, prepare to take sides. In this corner we have Sunset Rubdown frontman Spencer Krug, with his warbling voice, fantasyland lyrics and unconventional approach to melody. In the other corner, Dan Boeckner, the singer/guitarist of the beloved Handsome Furs, delivers straight-up rock with an undeniable hook always waiting around the corner.

Expo 86 feels divided down the middle, and both writers deliver some of their best work to date. Krug’s What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way) is off-kilter and danceable, with a Talking Heads-like chorus, while Boeckner kills it on Yulia and Little Golden Age. Then there’s the X factor, guitarist Dante DeCaro. His parts shine through much as they did when he propelled Hot Hot Heat in their now-ignored halcyon days. This is recommended stuff, get it while it’s hot..