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Unseen Beatles Pictures Show Unguarded Home Lives

It’s the Beatles, but not as we know them. A cache of previously unpublished shots of the Fab Four show them hanging out on their own doorsteps.

This collection is the work of Sue Baker, who aged 15 tracked down the stars to their own homes. She found them so welcoming that the teen fan popped back every weekend for two years, leaving with snaps of the band in laid-back mood –Ringo Starr with a cigarette in his hand, for instance — or intriguing details, such as the graffiti that Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull left on George Harrison’s wall.

Now a 59-year-old grannie, Baker is looking to auction off the photos she took between 1965 to 1967. As reported in the Mail on Sunday, the young fan originally found Paul McCartney’s home after reading a description in a Beatles magazine. He gave her the addresses for his bandmates and said, “Go and bang on their doors as well.”

So Baker looked up John Lennon and Ringo in Weybridge, Surrey, and Harrison in nearby Esher. As befits a more innocent age, members of the biggest band in the world happily chatted to fans, Baker explains. “I remember John saying that if it weren’t for people like me he wouldn’t live in such a nice house.”

The sale takes place at Cameo Specialist Auctioneers, Reading, Berkshire, Aug. 3.