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Japan’s ‘Smash’ Guitar Is Cheap for Good Reason…


A new line of $55 axes by K’s Japan are built for playing — and obliterating — with Townshendian fury. The hollowed-out body and lightweight neck, crafted from maple and rosewood, make for easy swinging and shatter on impact. The company also offers a pricey $1,500 amp capable of producing a cochlea-rattling squeal when thwacked.


After a killer set (or practice with your friends in Mom and Dad’s basement), you can smash the guitar until your heart’s content, and then, just mail the broken pieces back to K’s Japan so more guitars can be made.

We can’t speak much for the guitar’s tone. But really, who cares about sound when you can wail on an axe with a guilt-free conscience? Rock on, geeks. Check out some Japanese bands getting their anger out here.