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Interpol: ‘We’re not afraid of working on new music without Carlos D’

Interpol have said that they are not afraid of making new music without bassist Carlos Dengler, who left the group earlier this year.

Speaking to Spinner, drummer Sam Fogarino admitted that while the group have no plans yet to work on new material after recording their as-yet unreleased self-titled album, when they do they will “rely on other strengths” from within the band.

“I don’t think we’re afraid to work on music without him,” he said. “But it’s just so far away. Who knows how we’ll feel in a year-and-a-half or two years.”

He added: “As to whether [Dengler’s talent] will be missed, yeah, how can it not be? The band will just rely on other strengths in the future. Emotionally, it will be missed but pragmatically, no. We’re all pretty capable musicians.”

The upcoming self-titled LP, the follow-up 2007’s ‘Our Love To Admire’, is the last to feature Dengler, who as well as playing bass on their forthcoming new album, was also involved with many of the arrangements and orchestration.

“He started leaning toward that application, kind of composing harmonies on keyboards early on,” Fogarino explained. “He started to, I think, feel more redeemed as a musician doing that. The bass became more a duty, a function, than a passion. He’s always claimed to never have been a bass player, which is strange to me because he’s one of the best bass players I’ve ever played with.”

‘Interpol’ is due out in September, while the group recently announced ‘Barricade’ will be the first single lifted from the record.