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Gallery description of David Yow’s SOLO show, via their Facebook page:

During the last few years, David has increasingly put brush to canvas and poked around with other visual media. Now, he is creating mixed media paintings as large as 6’x8’, reminiscent of the work did in school. He has also been digitally combining his line drawings with photographic textures to produce imagery that lies somewhere between photo-realism and cartoon.

The works created for this show are rooted in Yow’s personal and psychological history, and feature a broad spectrum of mediums. From acrylic, pencil, charcoal, crayon, hair, bugs, collage, and tar on wood, to line drawings digitally combined with photographic textures, Yow reveals an uncommon artistic perspective.
Echo Park’s DIY Gallery is proud to announce SOLO: the first ever one-man exhibition of paintings, collage and digital drawings by David Yow.

Alongside the exhibition, drinks will be served on the patio, where Yow’s favorite films will likely be projected (TBA). Musical performances by friends TBA will also be part of the celebration.