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Blitzen Trapper Working ‘Heavily’ on Next Album

Although Blitzen Trapper’s fifth album was just released a little over a month ago, frontman Eric Earley has already been hard at work writing the follow-up to ‘Destroyer of the Void.’

“It’s going back to my roots, what I grew up listening to and playing,” Earley tells Spinner. “A lot of the songs are about my childhood, where I grew up. They’re not as experimental, but I think it’s a lot more personal. I hesitate to say intimate, but it’s more personal, at least to me. It’s a lot more country influences, things like that.” Earley likens the new material to the laidback, nostalgic vibe of the song ‘Evening Star’ on ‘Void.’

Earley and the rest of his Blitzen Trapper gang are currently on break from touring, so he’s been able to get some solid work done. “I’m working on the record pretty heavily. I’m more caught up in this next record than releasing B-sides, but I’m sure stuff will be released at some point because there’s so many from the last couple records.”

Such is good news for fans of Blitzen Trapper, who over the last two years have tackled themes such as nature, contemplating God and suicide, starting with 2008’s ‘Furr’ and picking up again last year with 2009’s EP, ‘Black River Killer.’ While Earley didn’t expand on how the songs were actually coming together — in piecemeal fashion or not — it sounds as if he’s in the midst of a rather creative moment, so here’s hoping they can find time later this year to get back in the studio.

‘Destroyer of the Void’ is out now on Sub Pop.