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Trailer for Sofia Coppola’s ‘Somewhere’

When word first hit that Sofia Coppola was finally gearing up for a new film after 2006’s Marie Antoinette, and that she was bringing Stephen Dorff along for the ride, I felt one of those all-too-rare jolts of premature and exorbitant anticipation. Though I love much of Coppola’s work, it wasn’t for her alone, but that she was offering the possibility of something I’d been hoping for for years — for Dorff to get his modern due.

I’ve loved him since The Power of One, and most especially when he’s basking in unique indies like I Shot Andy Warhol and Cecil B. Demented. But no matter what talents he’s shown, he’s always danced outside the spotlight. But now there’s happy news: I really think Coppola’s new feature, Somewhere, might change that, and I’m not just speaking from fangirl glee. The new trailer backs me up.

Focus Features has finally released a teaser for the film, Dorff stars as an actor in Los Angeles, who lives at the Chateau Marmont, who finds himself having to take care of his young daughter (Elle Fanning). It is full of Coppola’s soft and sweetly pensive style, and chooses to relay the story as a montage teamed with minimal dialoge and an indie soundtrack, much like the Antoinette teaser. Fanning has sure grown up a whole bunch over the last few years, and could give big sis a run for her dramatic money, but the real magic rests with Dorff, who looks spot-on as a tired and disillusioned actor.

The December 22 release date can’t come soon enough. Phoenix composed the score