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NYT Issues Correction For Lynn Hirschberg’s M.I.A. Story…


Editors’ Note: June 3, 2010

The cover article in The Times Magazine on Sunday profiled the singer and political activist M.I.A. While discussing her efforts to draw attention to the civil war in her home country, Sri Lanka, she was quoted as saying: “I wasn’t trying to be like Bono. He’s not from Africa — I’m from there. I’m tired of pop stars who say, ‘Give peace a chance.’ I’d rather say, ‘Give war a chance.’ The whole point of going to the Grammys was to say, ‘Hey, 50,000 people are gonna die next month, and here’s your opportunity to help.’ And no one did.”

While M.I.A. did make those remarks, she did not make the entire statement at the same point in the interview, or in the order in which it was presented.

The part that begins, “The whole point of going to the Grammys,” up to the end of the quotation, actually came first. The part that begins, “I wasn’t trying to be like Bono,” and ends, “Give war a chance,” came later in the same interview. The article should have made clear that the two quotations came from different parts of the interview.

M.I.A.‘s Releases Recording of Lynn Hirschberg Interview and New Song Here:

Huffington Post:

Now M.I.A. has found another way to channel her anger at Lynn Hirschberg and the NYT—through a track called ‘I’m a Singer (Haters)’ posted on her website. Here are some lyrics, listen below:

And the story’s always f——ed by the time it hits
Why the hell would journalists be thick as s—-
Cuz lies equals power equals politics.
I’m a singer
Never said anything else
I didn’t lie to you
Thinkin’ of somebody else
You can talk sh—to me I’m used to it
You can make me hard with the wounds that I have to lick
You can pick on me and I can see it at a click.
M.I.A. has also posted excerpts from the interview on her website. Turns out Hirschberg is the one who ordered the truffle fries.

”‘I kind of want to be an outsider,’ she said, eating a truffle-flavored French fry,” Hirschberg wrote of M.I.A. in the NYT piece. ”‘I don’t want to make the same music, sing about the same stuff, talk about the same things. If that makes me a terrorist, then I’m a terrorist.’”
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