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LCD Soundsystem Perform Energetic Glastonbury ‘Swansong’

If it really is LCD Soundsystem’s swansong , then they know a hell of a good way to say goodbye.

Sunday night at Glastonbury is when they last pockets of energy, held in reserve over the long weekend, finally get released for one last hurrah. On Sunday night, James Murphy and his hipster collective were the ones to let it out of the box. There are many elements which combine to make the band’s music so infectious. Paramount among them is Murphy’s ability to make people dance, but better still is his knack at cherry-picking the best bits of over 40 years of music and making them all seem uniquely his own.

So it is that David Bowie collides with Talking Heads, Can and the Fall in a beat-driven electronic stew. ‘Us v Them’ and ‘Drunk Girls’ make early appearances, with the band’s breakneck momentum maintained until the band played a special reading of ‘All My Friends’ that may well prove to be the lingering memory from this festival.