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Devo, ‘Devo Makes Something for Everybody’ (Part I) — Exclusive Video

The making of ‘Something for Everybody,’ Devo’s first studio album in 20 years, has been a long road for the New Wave rockers. They’ve returned to their old label, Warner Brothers, performed at the Olympics and started a marketing company called Devo, Inc., which carried out a “song study” focus group to determine which songs would make the album and the new color of the band’s famous energy dome hats (blue ultimately won out).

Now Devo have released the first in a five-part web “reality” series that documents the making of the album, a few live performances, their flirtation with corporate marketing culture and, of course, the ongoing de-evolution of the world. The first episode chronicles the eight weeks leading up to the band’s recent Coachella set, where they “triumphantly” wore their “Everybody Face masks,” a product that didn’t go over so well with their label and advertising consultants.