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Are the White Stripes Planning a Return?

The possibility of the White Stripes playing together once again has slowly inched slightly further to becoming a reality — but anybody expecting anything imminently is advised not to hold their breath.

Taking a break from producing the latest album by the Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson, the band’s singer-guitarist Jack White told BBC 6 Music that drummer Meg White had swung by his Nashville studio.

He said, “She was here while [Jack’s side project the Dead Weather] were rehearsing in one room and [Jack White’s wife] Karen Elson’s band was rehearsing in the next room and she’d just hang out with all of us and talk about the songs.”

White went on to explain that if the White Stripes were to return then it would be done spontaneously as forward planning only served to have an adverse affect on the band. He said, “We never plan things that far ahead. I mean, one time we did when we did [2003 album] ‘Elephant’ in Hackney and that record sat in the can for a year! That’s what happens when we plan ahead.”

The White Stripes haven’t been see in public since 2007 when the band was forced to cancel its world tour after Meg White developed “acute anxiety.” According to White, she’s since recovered.