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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hear Big Boi’s Album Right Now

Your morning is about to get a whole lot funkier. Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, the new solo album from OutKast MC Big Boi, is streaming in full at Big Boi’s MySpace. Nobody’s getting any work done today!

Jack White Hooks Up With Laura Marling for Single Release

Jack White has taken folk-flavoured chanteuse Laura Marling under his wing.

The 20-year-old singer-songwriter stopped by White’s Nashville studio while on tour to lay down a single for the White Stripes rocker’s Third Man record label. “Somebody turned me onto her a few months back,” the Stripes’ maestro told the BBC’s Newsbeat of the Hampshire-born performer. “If people are coming through town I try to catch up with them and ask them if they want to come by before their show and record something.”

The sessions went well, according to White. “It was perfect — one take,” he said. “She’s gorgeous. Gorgeous voice and an incredible person. A wonderful girl.” The as-yet-untitled tune will be released at some point on seven-inch vinyl as part of Third Man’s ‘Blue Series.’ Other groups to record White-produced, one-off Blue Series cuts include rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson, all-girl garage quartet Black Belles and retro rocker Dan Sartain.

Meanwhile. it seems the Dead Weather’s upcoming European and North American dates are the only action currently penciled in on White’s personal musical calendar. The singer-guitarist’s Alison Mosshart collaboration has a couple of remaining club shows and festival slots scheduled on this side of the Atlantic plus a short US tour planned for July, but he apparently has “nothing planned with the Raconteurs or the White Stripes.”

Vampire Weekend to Take Time Over Third Album

When it comes to writing and recording the follow-up to this year’s ‘Contra’ record.

Speaking to the BBC’s Newsbeat before taking to Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage last weekend, lead singer Ezra Koenig assured fans the New Yorkers won’t be rushing into anything. “You never want to sacrifice the quality for speediness. I’ve seen some bands do it and it ain’t pretty.”

With an extensive US tour recently added to their itinerary it’s likely to be the end of the year before the quartet start work on a third album. “We’re always gathering ideas and I can say I think about the next album every day,” Koenig said. “Every day it’s something that’s on my mind. That doesn’t mean we’re having writing sessions and we’re all sat around talking about it, but it means it’s always looming.”

Although ‘Contra’ reached No. 1 in the US and UK, Koenig believes the band should “take a little more time than we did for the last album.”

He added, “We haven’t had a vacation in a few years which we don’t care about because this is an amazing life to lead and it’s amazing that people care about our music.”

The New York combo follow a triumphant Glastonbury performance with UK appearances at T in the Park on July 10 and a headlining slot at Latitude on July 18.

Prince Releasing New Album Via European Newspapers

Unlike a lot of media critics and bloggers, Prince obviously doesn’t think print is dead. Three years ago, he caused a stir by releasing his ‘Planet Earth’ album via UK newspaper the Mail on Sunday and now the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer intends to again partner with publications to release his album, ’20Ten.’ So far, four publications are lined up to distribute the LP, free with purchase of the issue.

According to, the 2.5 million copies of Prince’s 27th studio album will be released in the UK via England’s Daily Mail and Scotland’s Daily Record on July 10. The issues will also feature Prince’s first interview with a British newspaper in over 10 years as well as ticket giveaways. The same day, the album will be available in Belgium with copies of Het Nieuwsblad.

The album will also be released in Germany on July 22 via the country’s edition of Rolling Stone. There’s still no word on a North American street date, but it’s believed that Warner Brothers will distribute the album in countries where distribution deals can’t be reached.

In other news, Prince recently released a new single, ‘Hot Summer,’ via Minneapolis Public Radio’s the Current on his birthday, June 7. The 52-year-old also received the Lifetime Achievement honor at the BET Awards this past weekend.

Marky Ramone Sues for $175k in Royalties…

Ramones drummer Marky Ramone (real name Marc Bell) wants $175,000 in back-royalties (and $1 million in punitive damages) from a distribution company he says is in violation of a contract he signed with them in 2005.

The former punk rocker says the contract promised him regular royalty payouts, but he hasn’t seen a penny since 2008. The distributors, he says, must be pocketing it.

Marky filed formal lawsuit documents with the New York Supreme Court early last week, reports No word yet from the other camp.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Arcade Fire’s new album ‘The Suburbs’ to be released with eight different covers?

Arcade Fire’s forthcoming new album ‘The Suburbs’ could be set to be released with eight different covers.

According to reports on, the Canadian group’s third studio effort will be released with multiple cover designs.

They go on to say that the ADA (Alternative Distribution Alliance), the people who distribute albums to retailers, have listed such information about the band’s upcoming August 2 release in their sales catalogue.

Despite such reports, neither the group’s official website or record label have confirmed such allegations.

Earlier this month (June 7), Arcade Fire previewed ‘The Suburbs’ live with a comeback gig in Granada Theatre, in Sherbrooke, Quebec – reports Uncut’s sister publication NME.

Meanwhile, Arcade Fire will perform a warm-up gig in London before their appearance at Reading and Leeds festivals in August.

LCD Soundsystem Perform Energetic Glastonbury ‘Swansong’

If it really is LCD Soundsystem’s swansong , then they know a hell of a good way to say goodbye.

Sunday night at Glastonbury is when they last pockets of energy, held in reserve over the long weekend, finally get released for one last hurrah. On Sunday night, James Murphy and his hipster collective were the ones to let it out of the box. There are many elements which combine to make the band’s music so infectious. Paramount among them is Murphy’s ability to make people dance, but better still is his knack at cherry-picking the best bits of over 40 years of music and making them all seem uniquely his own.

So it is that David Bowie collides with Talking Heads, Can and the Fall in a beat-driven electronic stew. ‘Us v Them’ and ‘Drunk Girls’ make early appearances, with the band’s breakneck momentum maintained until the band played a special reading of ‘All My Friends’ that may well prove to be the lingering memory from this festival.

R.E.M.’s Peter Buck Records With the Decemberists

While R.E.M. fans await the group’s 15th studio album, guitarist Peter Buck has found a number of ways to keep himself busy. Last week, the first fruits of Buck’s labor with Tired Pony — a cameo-heavy project with Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody — surfaced on Spinner. Now, as Slicing Up Eyeballs reports, there’s pictorial proof of Buck in the studio, contributing mandolin and guitar to the Decemberists’ sixth LP.

The photographs were snapped by R.E.M.’s longtime collaborator Scott McCaughey earlier in the month. McCaughey — who also fronts the Young Fresh Fellows — took the pictures when Buck descended on a barn outside of Portland, Ore. where Colin Meloy and his band have gathered to work on the follow-up to 2009’s ‘The Hazards of Love.’

The Decemberists’ next album is expected in early 2011 via Capitol Records, with producer Tucker Martine guiding the band. Martine also worked with R.E.M. earlier this year on demos for their hotly anticipated follow-up to 2008’s ‘Accelerate’. That disc is also expected in 2011.More About R.E.M. on AOL

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Dead Weather Release Two New Videos

Earlier in the week, the official Dead Weather YouTube channel released new music video featuring Los Angeles artist Max Neutra live-painting frontwoman Alison Mosshart in Third Man Records’ signature colors (yellow, white, black) to the tune of Jack White and co.’s new single “Gasoline” It’s a fun clip, excellent painting, and Neutra’s talents are pretty much undeniable, but I thankfully held off on posting it as only 3 days later we’ve got another new Dead Weather video.

(via twentyfourbit)

Laurie Anderson- Homeland (Album Review)

Laurie Anderson’s O Superman, her first, most famous and, indeed, only hit, was released in 1981, when Reagan had just swept to power and the American Empire was reaching something like its zenith, with the Cold War entering its final phases. Twenty-nine years later, and on Homeland Anderson seems fairly certain she’s bearing witness to that crumbing, deluded and debt-ridden Empire’s end.

That may sound a somewhat portentous subject, but in fact Anderson’s whimsical sense of humour remains a constant, at times a little wearingly so. Then again, if you are essentially releasing an album about the credit crunch, it’s probably best to try and sneak some chuckles in there. Certainly Homeland’s catchiest track, the chattering techno pop of Only an Expert, succeeds as a brilliantly vicious satire of the hollowing out of the American Dream, managing to find a through thread between the Iraq War, the bail out of the US banks and the empty wisdom of Oprah Winfrey.

However, the album really does come into its own when Anderson allows herself to hit a more sombre note. Certainly the latter portions of the 11-and-a-half minute, pitch-shifted tour de force Another Day in America are extraordinary. Over a wraithlike keyboard figure, wreathed in wordless backing wails (courtesy of Antony Hegarty), ambient hiss, dissonant strings and trembles of keyboard she bids farewell to the junk and the glory of the 20th century, questioning “how do we begin again?”, intoning, yearning, that “the reason I really love the stars, is that we cannot hurt them”, before concluding, ominously: “but we are reaching for them”.

To some extent Only an Expert and Another Day in America dominate Homeland to the point of slightly unbalancing it, the first catchy and pugnacious, the other epic and quotable. Yet the rest of the tracks don’t really try and compete: elsewhere Homeland offers a more textural journey, populated by squalls of free jazz, melancholic knots of electronica, uncomfortable pauses and low, distorted vocals. There are still witticisms aplenty, but the overall effect is an air of creeping dread, the perfect soundtrack for a journey into America’s night.

Animal Collective- Guy Eyes (Music Video)


Friday, June 25, 2010 presents: Kings of the Vinyl Frontier

This Saturday June 26th at Smarty Pants in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, WA. DJ Kingblind, DJ Teenage Rampage and our KEXP’s very own DJ El Toro will be spinning at our new DJ night…


Here are the details,

Kings of the Vinyl Frontier is a DJ night on the last Saturday of every month for vinyl lovers at Smarty Pants in the georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. The concept is simple, We have music lovers bring their favorite records and we play em’

Cool, how does that work?

It’s easy! All you gotta do is just show up with 3-5 songs on vinyl, sign up and our DJ’s will spin your tunes. Check out the theme of the month so you bring the right tunes. Heck, it’s like have your favorite jukebox in human form! (Don’t worry, You don’t have to bring any records.. But it’s more fun if you do)

Cost: 100% free
Date: Saturday June 26th 2010
Time: *7pm till closing (*Normally we will start at 9pm but this June edition of KVF is an Artopia supershow.. so we are starting at 7pm)

Please check out the website for complete details and directions

Kings of the Vinyl Frontier (At Smarty Pants)
6017 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA. 98108
(206) 762-4777

Interpol- Lights (Music Video)

The first video from Interpol’s fourth, self-titled album, available September 7th on Matador Records.
Directed by Charlie White

Kinks bassist Peter Quaife dead

​Original Kinks bassist Peter Quaife died yesterday at age 66. The cause of death is yet to be determined but he had suffered from kidney disease for more than a decade. He was a member of the band from its founding in 1961 until 1969 when he quit due to tensions within the group. He played on and sang backing vocals for most of the bands early hits, including “You Really Got Me,” “All Day and All of the Night,” and “Dedicated Follower of Fashion.” He last played with the Kinks when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. He had been largely retired from music since the ’70s, making a living as a graphic artist in Canada and becoming a cartoonist.

Whether you’re a Kinks fan or not, it’s impossible to ignore their influence on pop music. Genres including garage, punk and Brit-pop incorporated their ideas, sounds and even fashion. Bands like Blur would never have existed without them. Arguably, they’re behind only the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in terms of most important British Invasion bands. Take a minute to honor the passing of one of the founding members with one of their classic songs, embedded below.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Video: Crystal Castles: “Celestica”

Directed by CC’s Ethan Kath and Rob Hawkins, the clip features children from the London College of Music scrapping about and playing their instruments in London’s Abney Park Cemetery. Meanwhile, Alice Glass mournfully lip-syncs the song, while Ethan smears some weird shit on his face. Goth-y!
(via pfmedia)