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Rolling Stones deny latest Australian claims that Charlie Watts is quitting

The Rolling Stones have denied that Charlie Watts is leaving the band, after his future was called into question by reports emanating from Australia.

It is the second time in around eight months that drummer’s membership of the band has been called into question by Australian sources.

Last year it was claimed that the sticksman was quitting touring with the band, but Watts was quick to issue a denial.

This time a similar claim was reported by the, who say sources in the band’s camp suggested to them that Watts will be replaced by “US drummer Steve Jordan” as “Charlie Watts has vowed to quit world touring”.

However this morning (May 24) The Rolling Stones issued a statement denying the latest claims.

“Contrary to a fabricated and ill informed report that appeared yesterday on a small music website in Australia, we would like to make it clear that drummer Charlie Watts has not left The Rolling Stones,” a spokesperson explained.

“Charlie is currently being interviewed by the media promoting their latest project – the release of the album ‘Exile on Main Street’ and the forthcoming film Stones In Exile, released on DVD next month.’’

The spokesperson added that Watts will be with his bandmates later today “celebrating with the rest of the Stones… as the ‘Exile’ album is Number One in the UK charts”.