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New Pornographers, ‘Your Hands (Together)’ — Video Premiere

When the New Pornographers’ A.C. Newman and Blaine Thurier were looking at ideas for the video for their new single, ‘Your Hands (Together),’ the singer and multi-instrumentalist and keyboard player looked no further than the careening rock song’s power-packed opening riff.

“Carl just thought that the guitar riff had that karate punch-kick feel,” Thurier tells Spinner. “It was his idea and we gathered some of the many talented people here in Vancouver and found some great locations. It was simple really,” says Thurier, a filmmaker in his own right with three features under his belt, albeit ones that he says “haven’t made it past the film festival circuit.”

Those talented people include dancers karate kicking through choreographed moves in a studio and stunning outdoor scenes, which feature members of Vancouver’s Hybrid Movement group dressed as ninjas. “It’s 100 percent real,” insists Thurier. “There’s no camera trickery. They are doing Capoeira. It’s this Brazilian mix of martial arts and dance. It was developed by slaves and because they had their hands shackled, they could only kick and use their legs.”

That connection gives the song’s title a new twist. Serendipity also provided the video’s closing scene of an old lady wandering into a park and a child on a bicycle scooting past her. After the frenetic action, it’s almost a metaphor for life — youth and old age with this great chunk of activity that speeds by in between. Yet, the final scene was purely accidental as these two bystanders wandered on set. “They just came into the frame at the end of the ninja sequence. I’m glad it can be interpreted that way. It was perfect — you can’t script something like that. Sometimes you have to be open to happy accidents.”

‘Your Hands (Together)’ is culled from the band’s new album, ‘Together,’ which is released May 4 on Matador Records. Check out the video below. (Hint, click on the picture to play the video.)