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Apple’s Dominance Over Digital Musical Market Under Investigation

Investigations are apparently under way to discover whether Apple holds an unfair stranglehold over the digital music market.

As reported on Yahoo, the U.S Justice Department is examining Apple’s dominance over the market by speaking to record labels and digital music providers in exploratory talks.

Three people whose companies have been contacted by the department have come forward on the condition of anonymity to reveal that discussions are already ongoing.

One of the three people said that the discussions were “very preliminary,” whilst according to two of the sources, regulators questioned the companies about the nature of the digital music industry.

Apple have a market share of 70 percent in the US, and Amazon have the second largest share with less than 10 percent.

According to Reuters data, Apple ended the day with a market value of around $222 billion, beating Microsoft in the race to be the world’s largest technological company.

Recently, the infamous tussle between the iTunes, Apple’s massive online music store, and one of the world’s biggest bands, the Beatles, came to a head with Paul McCartney claiming that the party at fault for delaying their music being made available on iTunes was record label EMI.