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Wilco Plan to Record New Material This Summer

With touring, launching a music festival and working on side projects, when will the guys in Wilco find the time to record their new album? Bassist John Stirratt has the answer, as he recently revealed that the band is already working on new material for the follow-up to ‘Wilco (The Album).’

“We are in writing mode and we start that and the demos in our space, which is sounding better and better as a studio,” Stirratt tells Australia’s FasterLouder. “We are going to record quite a bit over the summer. We’ll do it in Chicago and maybe towards the end we might get to another locale, hopefully in some warm weather environment a la New Zealand in January. I like that game plan.”

Although Stirratt is excited over the potential of working in warm weather, he explains that where Wilco work on an album doesn’t have a strong affect on how their record will turn out. “A lot of people accused us of the last record sounding comfortable because we were in this beautiful place but we’ve recorded in warm weather places quite a bit — in Memphis and Austin and places like that, it doesn’t really matter,” Stirratt said.

While ‘Wilco (The Album)’ may have sounded different from past records, Stirratt says that the new music might go even further into that direction. “I thought the last record might have been more abrasive but I’d imagine our next one is going to be a lot more jarring I would say,” he revealed.