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The Wrens Begin Work on Fourth Album (Again)

Beloved Jersey/Philadelphia/Brooklyn based indie rock quartet The Wrens have finally hit the studio in earnest to record the follow-up to their 2003 masterpiece, The Meadowlands. That’s right, it’s been seven years, people (their last record came after a 7-year gap too).

According to Rawkblog, the band broke the news via Facebook status update this morning:

a productive 9-hour day yesterday. Got most of the last studio/tech knots untangled… Got two songs tracked, one of which is definitely not being thrown back in the water. After a couple false starts over the last year or two, super happy to be able to say that new recording is really under way.

Though I, too, am “super happy” that Charles Bissell and friends are pounding away in the studio, the tape has been rolling since last summer, so we’ll cross our fingers.