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The Who’s Future Is Uncertain Says Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey has spoken of his fear that health issues may soon force the Who to call time on their illustrious 46-year career.

Only recently recovered from vocal problems himself, and with no end in sight for partner-in-crime Pete Townshend’s long-running battle with tinnitus, the singer feels it may be time to listen to their bodies.

Speaking to Uncut magazine, he said, “If carrying on is going to mean Pete going deaf, let’s stop now.” There is still some hope for fans though that the band’s show at London’s Royal Albert Hall on March 30 wasn’t the last, as Townshend is currently testing in-ear monitors designed to ease his condition. But, as Daltrey pointed out, “Entering old age in a silent world — nothing is worth that.”

In a further bid to extend the band’s life and help alleviate his suffering, the guitarist has cut back on studio and stage time. A pragmatic Daltrey concluded, “Our bodies are beginning to give up on us. I’ve had voice problems in the past year that I’ve managed to sort out and I’m really enjoying singing again but you have to be realistic — I am 66 years old.”