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Gossip’s Beth Ditto Admits to Shoplifting Problem

Beth Ditto has admitted to a problem — resisting her urge to shoplift.

In an interview with, the Gossip singer and fashion icon said, “I have a hard time not buying or stealing. If I want something, I have to have it. But not anymore. The last time was three months ago – a dress from Marshalls.”

Three months isn’t so long. Ditto is at least improving, she believes. “I used to steal more. I mostly stole from Goodwill. You know, ‘Can’t be bothered. The line’s too long. Put it in your purse.'”

Spinner, we should point out, cannot condone such activities.

In the interview, Ditto also talks about her partner, a transsexual bus driver from Portland who she’s been with for eight years. “[Freddie is] F to M. It’s so West Coast. There’s a lot of people who started on testosterone or oestrogen, and there’s a whole movement of people who want to be trans but not take them. Also, it doesn’t matter if you call him ‘her’ or he ‘she.’ Here I am coming out as straight!”

The Gossip are heading out on the road in the spring/summer, touring America for a bit, then to Europe, then America again. You can catch them at the following places:

Coachella Festival, Indio, Calif. (April 17)
Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, Calif. (April 19)
Bottleneck, Lawrence, Kan. (April 22)
Firebird, St Louis, Mo. (April 23)
Mercy Lounge, Nashville, Tenn. (April 24)
The Loft, Atlanta, Ga. (April 26)
Cat’s Cradle, Chapel Hill, N.C. (April 27)
Terminal 5, New York, N.Y. (April 30)
Brussels Halles de Schaerbeek, Belgium (May 24)
Paris Zenith, France (May 25)
Paris Zenith, Paris, France (May 26)
Bologna Estragon, Italy (May 31)
Strasbourg Zenith, France (June 1)
Berlin Zitadelle, Germany (June 2)
Hamburg Stadtpark, Germany (June 7)
London Wireless Festival, England (July 2)
Werchter Festival, Belgium (July 3)
Lilith Fair, Atlanta, Ga. (Aug. 8)
Lilith Fair, West Palm Beach, Fla. (Aug. 10)