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Atlantic Hits Up Fans For Cash to Put Out a Record…

Music Week:
Fans ordering the EP online will have access to a variety of incentives including exclusive merchandise, the chance to win a solo performance by Natty in their home, the opportunity to introduce the singer on stage or spend a day in the studio with him.

Those signing up will also get ‘pledger-only’ updates on the Pledge Music site where Natty will post videos, tracks, demos, photos and other exclusive content.


Basically You pledge an amount beforehand(yeah, thats right… before i record it!) and follow me on my journey making the music. You can pledge different amounts depending on wats your bag…ie u get the chance to check out rehearsals, come to exclusive live events, get specials on signed CD’s/T-Shirts and all good things like that. Also you get access to my ‘Pledgers Only Updates’ page which I will be updating on a regular basis with new music and videos, from rough mixes, demos, videos from the studio, live tracks and more. No crass promoting, no tv ads just music for the fans in whichever way you guys want it. (via daily swarm)