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Sunny Day Real Estate to Record New Album

Looks like last year’s Sunny Day Real Estate reunion tour and reissue celebration went even better than we thought: Jeremy Enigk and the rest of the beloved Seattle-based indie quartet are set to hit the recording studio this May to work on a new album, Ear Candy reports. Their source is KEXP 90.3 radio DJ Marco Collins, who leaked the update via Twitter last night:

Great news today. Just got an email from Nate [Mendel] from Sunny Day Real Estate/Foo Fighters… SDRE is recording A NEW RECORD IN MAY!!

Great news indeed. If Sunny Day manage to complete a new LP in the spring, it will mark their fifth record overall, but, more intriguingly, their first full-length album in a decade.

Back in the fall of last year, guitarist/singer Dan Hoerner told A.V. Club, “[I]f I could have my druthers, I would love to make a new record. That would be insane.” Sounds like he got his way after all.