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Carrie Brownstein Starts New Band with Janet Weiss

Carrie Brownstein’s Monitor Mix at is an amazing music blog, but her estimable approach to music criticism and analysis not only turns me on to other artists — it makes me insanely hungry for Sleater-Kinney to reform after four years spent on an indefinite hiatus.

Well, the Daily Swarm uncovered a recent interview with IFC in which the former S-K guitarist offers a few updates on that front, namely that she has “started a new band after taking many much-needed years off from playing” and that “hopefully [a new Sleater-Kinney] record” will come to fruition “sometime in the next five years.”

Brownstein doesn’t offer many details about said new band, save for that Sleater-Kinney/Quasi drummer Janet Weiss is among the group’s four members, they’re “based in Portland — but not all… members live there,” and seven songs are ready to go.

Now that’s some good start-of-the-week news.