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BBC 6 Music Closing: David Bowie Speaks, Facebook Group Launches

It has only been a day or so since the revelation that the BBC is planning to close down their beloved BBC 6 Music radio station hit the wires, but campaigns hoping to persuade the UK-based broadcasting network to reverse the decision are already underway, not to mention a plea from a certain music icon…

“6Music keeps the spirit of broadcasters like John Peel alive,” said David Bowie (according to his management, Outside Organisation), “and for new artists to lose this station would be a great shame.”

While a quote from Bowie will assuredly help rally support for the cause, something tells me this will be a bit more effective: Jon Morter, the man behind Rage Against the Machine’s successful “Anarchy Christmas Miracle” Facebook campaign, is now masterminding a similar “Save BBC 6Music” effort, Tech Digest reports.

Morter’s new Facebook group campaign just launched, but it’s already closing in on 70,000 members at the time of publication.