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Tom Waits, ‘In Bruges’ Director Plot Stage Musical

First the good news: Tom Waits has teamed up with director Robert Wilson for a fourth stage musical project, following previous efforts The Black Rider, Alice in Wonderland, and Woyzeck.

And now the great news: In Bruges writer/director Martin McDonagh has also joined the pair for the forthcoming musical, which is slated to premiere in Paris next year, reports Shauna Lee Lange (via /Film).

Pretty exciting, no? Sure, many of us won’t be flying to France to witness the live show, but songs from his previous three musicals all eventually got the official release treatment, so it’s safe to presume the same will be true this time around (though let’s hope it doesn’t take a decade as it did with Alice).

We don’t have the title or any other details just yet, but in the meantime, enjoy songs from Waits’ previous musicals here and here (Blood Money features songs from Woyzeck).