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R.I.P. Devo’s Red Energy Dome Hats

Devo’s plastic red hats, which they call Energy Domes, are no more.

Due to “safety concerns,” Devo decided to stop wearing the red Energy Domes, which iconic pieces of post-punk and music history.

“We’d been getting some reports back that red might not be the safest colour for an Energy Dome,” singer Mark Mothersbaugh told in announcing the untimely demise of the red domes.

“People have been pulled over for impersonating peace officers when they put them on the rear deck of their car. It looked like they were putting patrol lights on their car. So we’d had reports that people were getting stopped for no good reason.”

The red Energy Domes will be laid to rest on Feb. 22 in Vancouver, when Devo perform at one of the 2010 Winter Olympics’ Victory Ceremonies. That’s when they’ll also debut their brand new blue Energy Domes, Mothersbaugh says.

“Blue just seemed to be a safer colour, allow[s] people to focus and be more peaceful,” he told the website.

Devo have worn the red Energy Dome hats since early in their career and also wear them on tour. They haven’t always been red, though — the band donned green Energy Domes while performing “Whip It” on live TV in 1981. The band also sell multicoloured Energy Domes through their website.

Devo sued McDonald’s for copyright infringement over a Happy Meal figure sporting an Energy Dome-esque hat and yellow jumpsuit in 2008.

Devo are preparing to release Fresh, their first album since 1990’s Smooth Noodle Maps, in April.

Devo will also play this year’s Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival in Indio, Calif. on April 17.