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Phoenix’s Thomas Has Mixed Emotions Over Grammy Win

While Phoenix’s 2009 album, ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’ has sparked buzz around the French export, the band never realized they would actually go home with the Grammy for Best Alternative Album on Sunday night.

“It sounds like a joke,” Phoenix singer Thomas Mars told Pitchfork soon after doing their victory dance. The band got to sit near Slash and Alice Cooper, and Neil Young approached them to congratulate them on their win. However, Mars still felt like the honor was slightly bittersweet.

“It’s weird because it’s very nice, but you feel some sadness to it, too,” Mars said. “It’s hard to enjoy the moment. It felt like we’re already on the other side of something, so the four of us are all trying to protect each other. I don’t know if that’s a French thing. I think Serge Gainsbourg always said he was writing sad songs when he was happy and writing happy songs when he was sad, so there was always this feeling that you’re anticipating the next thing.”

Although Mars was hoping to see more indie bands like Dirty Projectors or MGMT perform on Grammy night, Pink’s acrobatic performance was his favorite. “People were scared she would fall,” he said. “Someone behind me said, like, ‘Artists can do that?!'”

And if you’re wondering where Mars will be displaying his new golden gramophone, it looks like he’ll have to shift a few of girlfriend director Sofia Coppola’s accolades to make space for his award. “It has to go on a shelf somewhere — my girlfriend has so many awards and now I have one to put on the shelf, too,” Mars said.