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Muse Speak Out Against Warner Withdrawal From Streaming Services

In the wake of Warner Music announcing they will stop licensing their artists’ tracks to free streaming services such as Spotify, Muse, one of Warners biggest-selling acts, have come out against the idea.

Muse bassist Chris Wolstenhome expressed his disappointment at the prospect of Warner’s plans going ahead.

“It’s like taking your song off the radio isn’t it?” he said. “You’re instantly taking your song away from a group of potential listeners.”

Wolstenhome also emphasised that such initiatives as these are not being instigated by the bands themselves.

“The corporations are setting the rules on these things because they’re clutching at straws,” he said. “I do sometimes feel that this whole restriction that’s been set on how your music can get out there these days doesn’t ever really come from the bands. It’s coming from the corporations behind everything.

“As far as bands are concerned you just want people to hear your music whichever way they can.”

Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman last week said that free streaming services are “clearly not net positive for the industry” and “is not the kind of approach to business we will be supporting in the future.”

Other artists who will be unavailable on Spotify,, Grooveshark and the like include R.E.M., the Flaming Lips and Madonna.