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British Editor Implores Morrissey to Write Autobiography

When Morrissey announced in late 2008 that he was planning to write his autobiography, fans all over the globe were excited at the news, especially Lee Brackstone. The Faber editorial director recently wrote an open letter on the U.K. independent publishing house’s blog to the former Smiths singer in the hopes he would have the memoir published there.

“It would be the fulfillment of my most pressing and persistent publishing dream to see that ‘ff’ sewn into the spine of your life,” Brackstone wrote. “Just any other publisher won’t do. You deserve Faber and the love we can give you. History demands it; destiny commands it.”

And it looks like Morrissey has expressed interest in working with Faber on the project. “A year ago a few publishers here offered big money [for Morrissey’s book], there’s been correspondence all over the place and I’m pretty sure he’s well away with it,” Brackstone told the Guardian.

Morrissey revealed to BBC Radio 2 that he wanted to set the record straight and correct any misconceptions about him and his life by writing an autobiography in October, 2008. Since then, Morrissey hasn’t signed with a publishing company as of yet and any projected release date is still unknown.