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Andrew Lloyd Webber “Very Interested” in Abbey Road

We kicked off this week with what turned out to be the week’s biggest music news story: “EMI Puts Abbey Road Studios Up For Sale.” Why would even the most cash-strapped corporation (in this case, EMI) even consider hawking the most famous studio of all time? Well, our prediction that “surely one of its past inhabitants has the dough to preserve it” has now come true…

Famous English composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, who recorded the majority of his most notable musicals at Abbey Road, is “very interested” in cutting a deal with EMI, according to BBC News. “Andrew has probably brought more musicians to record there than anyone else,” his rep said, “because it has the capacity to record large orchestral productions.” Tell us something Elliott Smith didn’t know.

Paul McCartney, perhaps the most notable past Abbey Road patron, simply stated earlier in the week that “it would be lovely for someone to get a thing together to save it.” In other words, someone other than him.

Will Webber make the winning bid? You never know, as “several celebrities” have also “expressed concern” over the iconic Westminster facility.