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Aaron Neville Records Updated New Orleans Saints Fight Song

Even before the Chicago Bears recorded their now-famous ‘Super Bowl Shuffle,’ the New Orleans Saints had an anthem of their own. Of course, the 1983 Saints, who went 8-8 on the season, didn’t fare as well as the 1985 Super Bowl champion Bears, so ‘Who Dat?’ never made it out of the huddle. But now that the 2009 Saints are headed for the biggest NFL game, the club has an updated anthem — and native son Aaron Neville is singing the Saints’ praises once again.

Using the same arrangement, Carlo Nuccio — of ‘Who Dat?’ fame — has produced ‘Glory Bound,’ hoping this year’s Saints will defeat the glory against the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday.

The original anthem was created during the 1983 season to promote enthusiasm for a team that had gone a combined 63-159 up to that point. So Nuccio, along with brothers Sal and Steve Monistere, combined ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ with a chant yelled by Saints fans: “Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?”

Neville, a native of New Orleans, sang the ‘Saints Go Marching In’ part while several Saints players recorded the chant.

“I had been with the Saints since the late ’60s when they used to come see me and my brothers,” Neville recently told the Times-Picayune. “It was a special treat for me, being in with some of the Saints doing the ‘Who dat?’ cheer.”

For the updated anthem, Neville still sings ‘When the Saints Go Marching In,’ but bayou transplant Theresa Andersson adds a gospel touch to added, Super Bowl-appropriate lyrics. Proceeds from the downloads will benefit a health insurance program for New Orleans musicians.

Of course, the Colts also have an updated anthem of their own: Indianapolis band Mudkids, who recorded ‘Rock N’ Roll (Go Blue)’ during the Colts’ championship season in 2006, have recorded ‘DO IT AGAIN!! (Colts ’10).’