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Paul Weller to work with Jam comrade

Iconic British songwriter Paul Weller is set to work with Bruce Foxton, his old comrade from The Jam.

A seminal British group, The Jam topped the charts and inspired a Mod revival. The band’s sharp riffs and unique fashion sense influenced a generation, making the group one of the most important British groups of all time.

Sensationally splitting just after playing an enormous show at Wembley, The Jam remain a hugely loved group. Rumours last year suggested that Paul Weller could have patched things up with the remaining band members, and it seems there may be some truth in this.

Speaking to the NME the acclaimed songwriter revealed that Bruce Foxton is set to appear on his new album ‘Wake Up The Nation’.

“It came about because we had both lost loved ones last year,” Weller explained. “He lost his wife at the early part of the year, and I lost my dad, and it opened up a bit of a dialogue, and it seemed like a nice thing to do at the time. In fact it was a wonderful thing.”

Paul Weller’s dad of course also acted as his manager, and was instrumental in helping The Jam develop into the group they became.

‘Wake Up The Nation’ is the eagerly awaited follow up to 2008’s ’22 Dreams’. Hugely successful, ’22 Dreams’ was apparently released against the advice of Paul Weller’s label but went on to become one of his most acclaimed solo efforts.

Since then, the singer has picked up a Brit award and toured heavily. Returning to the studio last year, Paul Weller is also apparently working on a track with My Bloody Valentine guitar slinger Kevin Shields. The pair are linked by Primal Scream, and appeared on the band’s track ‘When The Kingdom Comes’.

Paul Weller is set to release his new album ‘Wake Up The Nation’ in April.