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Neil Young To Be Conan’s Final Musical Guest

Jimmy Fallon can do all the (brilliant) Neil Young impressions he wants, but his predecessor has the real thing coming up for his farewell episode of the Tonight Show on Friday night. The Wrap reports that NBC and Conan O’Brien finally reached an agreement this morning that officially makes this week O’Brien’s last as the host of the famous late-night talk show.

Don’t worry, though, Team CoCo. The Cone Bone will get $32 million from the network for his trouble, the possibility of returning to television in 8 months, and living legend Neil Young as his final musical guest.

Sure, some of us were originally hoping for the White Stripes to sing Conan off into the sunset (as they did for his final Late Night episode), but it’s pretty hard to beat Neil Young when it comes to making the night special. Not to mention, Will Ferrell and Tom Hanks are also among scheduled guests for Friday’s farewell, so it should be a fun, albeit bittersweet, show.