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MGMT Talk about new album

Returning Brooklyn space cadets MGMT have claimed that they do not intend to release any singles from their forthcoming album ‘Congratulations’.

Merging wide-eyed psych-rock with an all out electro assault, MGMT seemed to be perfect pop fodder. Releasing a string of singles in the summer of 2008 the band dominated the festival circuit.

Tracks such as ‘Kids’ were given an overhaul by a variety of producers, with Soulwax turning the single into a dancefloor staple. Due to return with a new album soon MGMT have revealed that they do not intend to release any singles.

Working in their Brooklyn home the band have revealed that the new material hangs together as a complete album, rather than a series of singles. “We’d rather people hear the whole album as an album and see what tracks jump out rather than the ones that get played on the radio – if anything gets played on the radio!” Ben Goldwasseer revealed.

The guitarist claimed that the band keen to have the album accepted as a complete work in its entirety. “There definitely isn’t a ‘Time To Pretend’ or a ‘Kids’ on the album” he stated.

“We’ve been talking about ways to make sure people hear the album as an album in order and not just figure out what are the best three tracks, download those and not listen to the rest of it.”

Potential songtitles include two odes to cult musicians with ‘Brian Eno’ and ‘Song For Dan Treacy’. Produced by former Spaceman 3 member Sonic Boom the new album is due to be released this Spring.

MGMT are to release ‘Congratulations’ later this year.