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Massive Attack and Damon Albarn team up

Returning Bristol trip hop giants Massive Attack have revealed that Damon Albarn was wary of their working methods during a recent collaboration.

Formed by a group of DJs, producers and MCs from Bristol Massive Attack went on to become one of the most influential acts of the 90s. The prime examples of the trip hop genre, the band’s laborious working methods have become the stuff of legend.

Returning last year with their new EP ‘Splitting The Atom’ Massive Attack ended a six year silence. With their new album ‘Heligoland’ set for release later this year, the band have lifted the lid on a number of collaborations.

Featuring members of Elbow, TV On The Radio and more forthcoming album ‘Heligoland’ is an all star affair. Blur singer Damon Albarn joined the band for recording sessions, but set strict working standards.

Speaking to the NME Massive Attack leader 3D said: “He was like, ‘I want to work with you, but I’m not getting sucked into some nine-year-long Bristol dope-haze’.”

The one time Blur singer insisted on using his own studio. “‘We’ll work 10 to six, at my studio, for five days and that’ll be it’. The irony was that it was him who ended up instigating all the bad behaviour!”

Damon Albarn appears on the track ‘Saturday Come Slow’ adding his distinctive vocals. The Blur singer also added keyboard to ‘Splitting The Atom’ with Albarn set to be joined by collaborators including Horace Andy, Martin Topley-Bird, TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe and Elbow’s Guy Garvey.

Massive Attack are due to release their new album ‘Heligoland’ on February 8th.