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Grizzly Bear Pen Music for Philip Seymour Hoffman’s ‘Jack Goes Boating’

Between our recent “Grizzly Bear Score New Ryan Gosling Film” and music at the Sundance Film Festival sleuthing posts, I would’ve sworn we had outed all the notable musical contributions to this year’s indie film showcase in Park City, UT, but it turns out we missed one…

While digging through reviews of the Gosling/Michelle Williams-starring romantic drama Blue Valentine for more details on Grizzly Bear’s contribution to the score, I uncovered the following bit from the NY Post:

A big part of [Blue Valentine’s] expressiveness comes not from the tightly controlled, elliptical script but from the score by Grizzly Bear, which also did much for the Philip Seymour Hoffman film “Jack Goes Boating”

Upon further inspection, I found that Grizzly Bear did, in fact, write music for Jack Goes Boating, Hoffman’s feature directorial debut in which he also stars. The Hollywood Reporter reports, however, that Evan Lurie of the Lounge Lizards is responsible for the film’s “gentle, piano-centric score,” while Jay-Z’s favorite new band provide “feathery, cerebral harmonies.”

It’s still unclear whether Lurie or the Grizzlies are primarily responsible for the score, though, as Variety’s credits contradict those of THR: “music, Grizzly Bear; additional music, Evan Lurie.” Either way, lots of mellow indie rock soundtracks are on the way, kids.