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Courtney Love defends using ‘Hole’ name for new album

Courtney Love has defended using the band name Hole for her forthcoming album ‘Nobody’s Daughter’.
The singer/guitarist recorded the LP with former Larrikin Love guitarist Micko Larkin, but without any of the former Hole members.
Founding member Eric Erlandson said last year that Hole would not be able to exist without his involvement. However, Love said she was persevering with using the moniker.
The last album to come out under the Hole name was 1998’s ‘Celebrity Skin’. In 2004, Love released the lbum ‘America’s Sweetheart’ under her own name.
“It is Hole, yes of course,” she said. “How do I do this? It is just because it is, and it is because we just negotiated our thing and it’ll be fine. Everyone has good lawyers.”
Love hinted that she and Erlandson may have come to a financial arrangement with regards to the name. “I don’t want to slam him Erlandson,” she said. “I’m a big sharer. Inside the business I am not known for being a stinge, for sure. I’m not stingy in any way, I give a lot of publishing to everyone.”
(via NME)