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Child Abuse Activists Ask for The Who to Be Removed from Super Bowl… ‘Pete Townshend is the only issue here’…


Child Abuse Watch founder and CEO Evin Daly told the press, “The Who is a great band. Pete Townshend is the only issue here.”

Townshend…was given a police warning following the charges and put on the U.K.‘s Violent and Sex Offender Register for five years. Townshend contends that he purchased access to a Texas-based pedophile website as part of research for his autobiography, which was published in 2008. He was also booked for possession of “indecent pictures,” but was cleared of those charges, as no pictures were found on his computer.’s statement on Townshend:

Our Position: Child AbuseWatch is objecting to the hiring of Pete Townshend of the WHO by the NFL as the half-time act for the upcoming Super Bowl XLIV. Townshend was caught and arrested by British police in 2003 for accessing and viewing a Texas-based child pornography website.

Townshend admitted to and pleaded guilty to the crime of accessing and paying for viewing child pornography online and received a ‘caution’ (guilty plea with adjudication withheld) from the police and avoided a formal trial. He was never cleared of any charges pertaining to his caution and resulting sex offender status.

Townshend was listed as a sexual offender on the British Violent and Sex Offender Register (ViSOR) from 2003 to 2008. The police did not detect child rape images on his computers despite his guilty plea. His excuse of conducting ‘research’ is one well documented by the FBI when they make arrests for child pornography (see under the following sections Facts and Resources – Research).

Other points of interest:

*In 2002 he wrote in a paper (see Smoking Gun article) ‘that the “pathway to ‘free’ pedophilic imagery is—as it were—laid out like a free line of cocaine at a decadent cocktail party: only the strong willed or terminally uncurious can resist.’

*In 2006 he wrote and subsequently withdrew a graphic teen sex story on his website (See London Times article 2006).

In a statement issued by his solicitor, Townshend said at the time, “I accept that I was wrong to access this site, and that by doing so, I broke the law, and I have accepted the caution that the police have given me.” Key facts of the case taken from the London Times May 08, 2003