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Carl Barat plots Libertines reunion

Indie kingppins The Libertines could be set to reform next year, if songwriter Carl Barat has his way.

The Libertines were spat out by the bowels of London, writing angelic hymns from the city’s seedy underbelly. Over the course of two albums the band re-defined what it meant to make music in modern Britain, inspiring almost ten years of copyists.

Splitting in 2004, the band have reformed numerous times since then. However lead songwriters Pete Doherty and Carl Barat have always been too busy, too occupied with separate careers to make the re-union permanent.

Taking to the stage at London’s Rhythm Factory last year, it seemed as if The Libertines were finally back. Speaking to press afterwards Pete Doherty claimed he would love to reform the band, but was simply too busy with Babyshambles.

Now in a new interview former sparring partner Carl Barat has suggested that the band will reform next year. Speaking to The Evening Standard the singer claimed: “It’s not definite definite. I can say 2011, but it’s hard to plan The Libertines until next Tuesday. But 2011 is where there’s room for that to happen. So if everything’s all right, then, yeah, it would be glorious to get on the old jacket and venture forth, into the known.”

Continuing, Barat argued that he would have to see if the old chemistry still exists between himself and Pete Doherty before confirming a re-union. If it works, and there’s a window for that … no, a window makes it sound like a business meeting. If there’s a doorway, then certainly we’ll go through it.”

Referring to Doherty’s much publicised drug problems, Carl Barat said: “Well, once he’s settled into his grooves, and he’s fine, and he’s not hurting himself or anyone else, then that’s all fine with me.”