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Open Auditions for Robert Zemeckis´ Animated Beatles Film

Are you a struggling actor who keeps getting rejected due to your uncanny resemblance to Ringo? Or perhaps you’ve been growing a massive beard whilst practicing unofficial college dorm room bed-ins. We’ve got just the gig for you: The folks who turned Jim Carrey into Scrooge and Tom Hanks into a train conductor are casting their remake of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.

This Saturday and Sunday, an open call audition will take place in Stamford, CT, which claims to be for an animated feature film called The Fab Four, “a motion-capture feature like the current Disney release of A Christmas Carol.” That title is just a ruse, though, as the reliable /Film reports, “this is Robert Zemeckis‘ remake of Yellow Submarine.”

There is some speculation that these auditions, which are going down at a Beatles convention called BEATexpo, are some kind of publicity stunt for the film and Zemeckis did claim recently that he hadn’t “gotten the word yet on the two surviving Beatles, whether they’re interested in doing it or not,” but that would only account for half of the lead roles anyway.

Still want to give it a shot? Check out all the details, video references for scenes you’ll need to play, and more here, but be sure to read the fine print: “IMPORTANT: We are looking for the vocal quality they had from 1967-1970.”

Hahaha… Good luck with all that.