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Nick Cave & John Hillcoat Plot Bunny Munro TV Series

Nick Cave and director John Hillcoat are developing quite the symbiotic relationship: Cave wrote the script for (and scored) Hillcoat’s The Proposition (one of our favorite movies here at 24b) and scored Hillcoat’s upcoming The Road. Now the pair are working on two new projects: bringing The Death of Bunny Munro to the telly and new film The Wettest County to the big screen.

Cave mentioned to Spinner last month that he’d be interested in taking his latest book, The Death of Bunny Munro, from the page to the screen:

“I want to do a TV series or at least like a three-part TV series. You can go deeper with TV in a way, within actually creating a character. You have more time to live with the character.”
And Hillcoat confirms their progress on that front: “We’re going to turn that into television. We’re going to try and wake up the BBC and, or, actually Channel 4. We’re trying to say to British television,’look at HBO, I mean what the hell are you doing?’” Just as long as we can get Bunny Munro here in the States, I’ll be happy.

Cave’s written another script for Hillcoat’s directorial prowess: The Wettest County. The director was loath to give details (“it’s in the middle of all sorts of stuff”), but did explain it’s “West Virginia, moonshine, backwoods, and Prohibition” and has a “phenomenal cast,” which includes actors Ryan Gosling and Shia LaBeouf.

Well, to hold us over till the series and movie are finally released, you can always check out The Road in a couple weeks, download Bunny Munro’s soundtrack and listen to Cave’s readings. Or come over to our place and we’ll rewatch The Proposition for about the zillionth time.