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Jarvis Cocker Accepts His Honorary Doctorate

You may now call Jarvis Cocker Dr. Cocker. The singer, radio show host, and animated banjo strummer received an honorary doctorate from his hometown’s Sheffield Hallam University, where he studied briefly when the school was then Sheffield Polytechnic, reports the BBC.

“I’m called a doctor now. Don’t worry, I won’t open a surgery,” Cocker said in his acceptance speech. “But I guess if you are a songwriter maybe I could have some kind of musical surgery. If you had a song with a swollen chorus, or a varicose verse, or if you need a little bit of help I could try and heal your song for you.”

It’s about time Cocker got an honorary degree, I say, ‘cause he’s been dressing like a college professor for years. Still, I think I’d rather get a lecture from Johnny Marr.