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Beggars to reissue Fall records. Uh, Unless Mark E. Smith snaps

Beggars have announced initial details of the planned super-deluxe Omnibus editions of The Fall’s back catalogue. The first release will be the brilliant This Nation’s Saving Grace, originally released in 1985.

The reissue will come in a box with accompanying notes and additional tracks from the Beggars archive. Intriguingly, these promise material from what Beggars describe as “two reels of early, rough mixes of the album recordings which lack the polish off the final mixes but have an accessible… well, roughness. Roughsticity. Rough-a-loogability – somesuch lack of refinement.”

These include versions of ‘Cruiser’s Creek’, ‘Rollin’ Dany’ and ‘Couldn’t Get Ahead’ which apparently feature “subtly different sonics”.

Beggars add that “One of the ideas behind the Omnibus releases is to include a contemporaneous live recording of the songs but this won’t happen on this release as the master tapes for two radio recordings, from Clitheroe Castle and Bremen, have been lost or thrown out. Careless.”

There will be three discs, also featuring singles, Peel Sessions and a track called ‘Ma Riley’.

Beggars are currently waiting on approval from Mark E Smith for the tracklisting. Let us hope they do not feel the wrath of his bombast…