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Adam “MCA” Yauch Starts DVD Subscription Service

Still no release date yet for The Hot Sauce Committee Part I, but in a hopeful sign that Adam “MCA” Yauch is recovering well after having a cancerous tumor removed from his parotid gland, the Beastie Boy is back to work at Oscilloscope, the indie film company he started with ex-ThinkFilm executive David Fenkel.

The Hollywood Reporter reports (via Flavorwire) that Yauch and Fenkel have launched “The Circle of Trust,” a direct-mail DVD subscription service, just in time for the holidays. As their official site states, here’s what you get for the $150 asking price:

Next 10 Oscilloscope DVD releases
DVDs will arrive about one week before official street date
All shipping and handling charges included
Ability to purchase one of each previous Oscilloscope DVD release for half price (plus shipping & handling)

Sounds like a combination of Jack White’s Third Man Vault and, yes, those Columbia House deals from back in the day. Actually, Yauch embraces the latter comparison:

“It’s kind of like when you’re a kid and get a magazine and you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get, but that’s what makes you so excited about it,” he told THR, joking later on the subject of Columbia House, “Hopefully we can reach that level of harassment.”

As a part of the subscription, future releases may include the Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster-starring drama The Messenger (currently in theaters) and many more interesting films. Check out their back catalog here or go here to join the “The Circle of Trust.”