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Wilco to Start Recording Next Album in January

Now that Wilco has taken all the proper album release steps (touring, late night television, internet interview invasion, etc.) and the well of Wilco [The Album] puns has finally run dry, Jeff Tweedy and company are ready to bang out Wilco [The Follow-Up]. That’s not the title, sorry. I just couldn’t resist one more.

“We have a big session in January and [sic] start on the new record,” bassist John Stirratt told The Ampersand. “We’re trying to get on the ball as fast as we can because the touring has been pretty much non-stop.”

Stirratt imagines the album won’t come out sooner than 2011, but a fall ‘10 release is possible. The planned upcoming sessions will have to move swiftly, though, as Wilco are set to tour Canada (plus a free show at the Olympics) in February and early March. That shouldn’t be a problem, however, as Stirratt added, “we all have families, and we have to make the time really count in the studio. We work a lot more efficiently now. I imagine it would happen faster, in the way Wilco [the album] did.”

Sounds like Wilco has become quite the well-oiled machine. Here’s hoping they include a couple guitar duels on the new record. Okay, not really.