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Jack White gives surprise lecture to Dublin’s Trinity College

White Stripes’ Jack White gave a surprise lecture at Dublin’s Trinity College last night (October 18).

The guitarist, who is currently touring with his new band The Dead Weather, addressed the University’s Philosophical Society, one of the world’s oldest student societies, that has previously counted the likes of Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde and JB Yates among its membership.

White was awarded the honorary patronage from the society, which was founded in the 17th century.

Leaving aside his guitar, White engaged in a highly philosophical discussion, where he talked candidly about his musical beliefs. Students who were expecting a straightforward interview seemed surprised by White’s sophisticated engagement with philosophy, and theories on anxiety and authenticity.

Speaking of the importance of authenticity, White remarked: “I don’t know if Bob Dylan and Tom Waits are as authentic as I think they are. Perhaps they’re not.”

He added: “Sometimes you start thinking that maybe Britney Spears or someone like that who’s doing exactly what they want to do in the way that they best know how, is more authentic than any of those people you could mention.”

White also answered questions about his work with Dylan and Loretta Lynn, as well as his recent film ‘It Might Get Loud’, where he features alongside other legendary guitarists such as Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and U2’s The Edge.

Speaking about the experience, White declared: “It was a pretty incredible experience to work with those two guys.”

In an unexpected twist, the guitarist also revealed the existence of a hidden run of EPs, made with his former band The Upholsterers, back when White used to work in an upholstery shop in Detroit.

The records were recorded on clear vinyl, encased in a transparent covering and hidden in 100 pieces of furniture that he upholstered.

“They could be records that will never be found, ever,” he teased the student audience.